Kinetic Roads Seminar Report: Civil Engineering

Kinetic Roads Concept: Energy Harvesting from Roads

Kinetic Road is a term that can be defined as the system to harvest energy from the kinetic energy produced by moving vehicles and convert it into electric energy. Energy harvesting technologies from road infrastructure is a new research territory in civil engineering that encompasses technologies that capture the wasted energy that occurred at pavements, accumulate, and store it for later use. Their most enticing characteristic is that they already offer extended paved surfaces. 
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Paved surfaces with conductive pipes, PV sound barriers, nanomaterials or Phase Change Materials, piezo sensors and thermoelectrical generators, and induction heating techniques are just the most updated representatives. Their outputs can be listed as production of electric energy and district heating and cooling, deicing surfaces or powering wireless networks, and monitoring pavements conditions along with the enhancement of their self-healing process. Italian startup Underground Power is exploring the potential of kinetic energy in roadways. It has developed a technology called Lybra, a tire-like rubber paving that converts the kinetic energy produced by moving vehicles into electrical energy. 

Seminar Report on Kinetic Road, Green Road

Download the seminar report and project report to study the concept of Kinetic roads in which the design approach and dynamics modeling are presented to reveal the working mechanism of the energy conversion. 

Pavement Energy Harvesting System To Convert Vehicles Kinetic Energy Into Electricity (Full Thesis PDF)

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