Science Projects on COVID-19 for School and College Students

The pandemic is affecting almost every country in the world. School closures due to COVID-19 have brought significant disruptions to education across the globe. Classes are being conducted through the educational applications and platforms that schools and teachers can use to reach learners remotely and limit the disruption of education. Since covid-19 is an infectious disease that causes many serious health problems, many academic projects are undergoing by the higher studies students under the strict supervision of medical experts and scientists. 
Science project on covid-19
In a particular context of project-based courses, where students need to interact and perform in the school or college lab, there appear additional challenges in implementing and learning from projects In such a critical situation we suggest the students the ideas of science projects which mainly includes the surveys and findings that can be done through remote learning applications and online tools. These are simple yet important studies and collections of data that can be helpful in combating Covid-19. Students can also take the projects using animations and software tools. 

Below are some of the science project ideas on COVID-19 for school and advanced projects for college students. The topics are given here to provide you the basic ideas so that you can draw inspiration to come up with your own idea. 

Projects on COVID-19 for School and College Students

  1. Hand Sanitizing vs. Hand Washing (PDF)
  2. How do masks work to mitigate transmission?
  3. How do different types of masks offer varying levels of protection?
  4. To study the structure history and evolution of the COVID-19 virus
  5. How COVID-19 vaccine works?
  6. Collect information on COVID-19 cases in order to understand who is more likely to test positive for COVID-19 depending on characteristics like age, gender, ethnicity, or occupation.
  7. Examine how the pandemic is affecting students
  8. How adolescents are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on daily life, including anxiety, depression, and academic performance?
  9. To survey and analyze the relationships between the pandemic and mental health outcomes
  10. Effect of home confinement during COVID-19 on weight gain
  11. To examine the relationship between loss of smell and taste and COVID-19
  12. What is the best way to distribute the COVID vaccine equally across the globe?
  13. What were the steps for developing a COVID-19 vaccine?
  14. Do lockdowns help reduce coronavirus transmission?
  15. Why was the percentage of people of color dying from COVID-19 higher than their percentage in the general population?
  16. Why do some people with COVID-19 have digestive problems?
  17. What is the best self-treatment for COVID-19 for mild cases who stay at home?
  18. Where and when did COVID-19 start to infect humans?
  19. Will mask-wearing become part of what we do to fight other diseases?
  20. Why was there such a low incidence of flu in 2020?
  21. How does COVID-19 compare with seasonal influenza?
  22. What neurological effects are being seen in COVID-19 patients?
  23. What is "flattening the curve?" Where did "Flattening the Curve" come from?
  24. Why do people who are survivors of cancer have a greater chance of poor resistance to COVID-19? Or a greater chance of not having an effective vaccine response?
  25. How is COVID-19 related to other human viruses (SARS, MERS, other coronaviruses)?
  26. How does the coronavirus "spike protein" bind to human cell receptors?
  27. What is "herd immunity" and how can that be developed for a virus?
  28. Why do scientists not know if people who have had coronavirus will have immunity? 
  29. What do we know about the differences between immunity in other viruses?
  30. What is an antiviral drug and how does it differ from a vaccine?
  31. What is a protease inhibitor and how does it work?
  32. How is the effort to find treatments against COVID-19 changing the way drugs are developed and used?
  33. Why does hand washing prevent infections?
  34. What causes people to be at high risk for complications from COVID-19?
  35. IoT-based Ambu bag compressing machine MD.ShuaibKhan
  36. Design of combination drugs for the treatment of Covid 19
  37. COVID-19 Android Mobile App 
  38. Low-cost ventilator by a student 
  39. Low-Cost Mask for Prevention of Spread of Covid-19
  40. Preparation of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
  41. Computational Identification, Validation, and Prediction of COVID 19 using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  42. Short Wave Sanitizer 
  43. Smart Sanitizer Tunnel
  44. Emergency Ventilator Splitter
  45. Solar-powered disinfectant sprayer 
  46. Virtual Autopsy for Corona Patient Deaths
  47. Auto-Visualisation system for Detecting the affected area in image-based Covid-19 Detection
  48. Detection of COVID-19 using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  49. Design and Development of Solar Operated Sanitizer/Disinfectant Sprayer
  50. Cost-effective herbal disinfectant chamber for covid-19 sample collection kiosk BMSCE Students Projects
  51.  Food Dispenser Unit for GROUP “B and C” quarantine peoples and workers not known with certainty of COVID 19
  52. Fabrication of four/six-legged kinematic moving mechanism and spraying anti agents in the affected area of covid 19
  53. Face shields for Doctors and Policemen
  54. A smart system to handle COVID-19 biomedical waste. BMSCE Students
  55. Non-Contact Fever and Respiration Monitoring System for Mass Screening
  56. IoT Enabled Smart Sanitizer Vending Machine 
  57. Design and fabrication to produce sanitized air with the help of a low-cost air purifier
  58. Designing the low-cost isolation chambers for COVID 19 patients with effective filters