IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE on Blockchain | Download PDF


A blockchain is a “cryptographically secure transactional singleton machine with shared-state.” “Cryptographically secure” means that the creation of digital currency is secured by complex mathematical algorithms that are obscenely hard to break. “Transactional singleton machine” means that there’s a single canonical instance of the machine responsible for all the transactions being created in the system. In other words, there’s a single global truth that everyone believes in. “With shared-state” means that the state stored on this machine is shared and open to everyone. Download Seminar Report on Blockchain.
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Blockchain: IEEE Seminar Topics

It is important to know about the blockchain for computer science CSE, engineering, and management students. Blockchain technology is in developing stages with a broad field of applications and has a market that is still emerging. Here we have listed some of the IEEE topics which would help you to understand its applications and potential. You can get ideas and opt for your IEEE seminar topics from these pdf papers. With creativity and problem-solving skills, these IEEE seminar topics will help to identify problems and propose a solution.
Blockchain Topics IEEE
  • Blockchain for the Internet of Things (Download PDF)
  • Applications of Blockchain in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (PDF)
  • Blockchain-Based Lightweight and Secured V2V Communication on the Internet of Vehicles (PDF)
  • Blockchain with the Internet of Things: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Directions (Download PDF)
  • A Critical Review of Cryptocurrency Systems (Download PDF)
  • Security threats on Blockchain and its countermeasures (Download PDF)
  • From Hype to Reality: A Taxonomy of Blockchain Applications (Download PDF)
  • Bitcoin Technology: Review (Download PDF)
  • When the Internet of Things Meets Blockchain: Challenges in Distributed Consensus. (Download PDF)
  • The Organisation of Tomorrow: How AI, blockchain, and analytics turn your business into a data organization (Download PDF)
  • NeuroMesh: IoT Security Enabled by a Blockchain-Powered Botnet Vaccine (Download PDF)
  • A Blockchain-Based Authentication Protocol for WLAN Mesh Security Access (Download PDF)
  • Blockchain-Based Trusted Electronic Records Preservation in Cloud Storage (Download PDF)
  • Features of Blockchain Voting: A Survey (Download PDF)
  • The Value of Operational Transparency for Supply Chain Finance and Implications for Blockchain Adoption (Download PDF)
  • Comparative Analysis of Blockchain-based Smart Contracts for Solar Electricity Exchanges (Download PDF)
  • How the blockchain enables and constrains supply chain performance. (Download PDF)
  • Blockchain-Based Solutions for UAV-Assisted ConnectedVehicle Networks in Smart Cities: A Review, Open Issues, and Future Perspectives (PDF)

So these are the IEEE seminar topics for CSE on blockchain technology. Download the PDF by clicking the links given.