IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE on E-Commerce


As of 2019, E-commerce is one of the fastest growing forms of trading. Most shoppers start looking for products,  descriptions and quality features online before buying a product. In order to provide customers with more convenience, more and more companies and existing stores are setting up their own online stores where a person can buy at a convenient time, even at night when regular stores are no longer working.
eCommerce seminar topics IEEE
E-commerce is the purchasing of goods and services - both physical and virtual - online. E-commerce enhances the efficiency and flexibility of trading activities. It minimizes the distance issues of trade. E-commerce is transforming every avenue of our online lives. In this article, we have listed IEEE research journals to study and understand the applications, challenges and the scope of E-commerce. Download the PDF papers to get ideas for seminar topics related to E-commerce.

IEEE Seminar Topics

Concept of E-Commerce (Download PDF)
Electronic Commerce: Theory and Practice (Download PDF)
Planning and management of E-commerce Website (Download PDF)
An E-Commerce Recommender System using Complaint Data and Review Data (Download PDF)
Implementation on Enhancing the Security of E-commerce Site for Digital Marketing (Download PDF)
Discovering User Intent in E-commerce Clickstreams (Download PDF)
E-commerce and Sale's Potentialization of SMEs in Emerging Countries (Download PDF)
The Development of Key Performance Indicators for E-Commerce in Hotel Businesses Using Balanced Scorecard (Download PDF)
E-commerce for Community-Based Tourism in Developing Countries (Download PDF)
Challenges faced by Indian MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in the adoption of internet marketing and e-commerce. (Download PDF)
Differences in Buyer Journey between High-and Low-Value Customers of E-Commerce Business (Download PDF)