IEEE Seminar Topics on Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation: IEEE Seminar Topics 2020

Robotics is a very attractive subject for engineering students. It is one of the best suitable project-based learning tools. Using robots as a learning tool can lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills in several engineering areas, such as computer science CSE, mechanical, electronics and electrical areas.
IEEE seminar topics on robotics
Here we have listed research papers for engineering students for IEEE seminar topics on Robotics and automation which will provide ideas, knowledge, problem-solving, and self-taught skills for their seminar. Download the research paper topics in computer science pdf from the links given for your suitable IEEE seminar topic.

Papers for IEEE Seminar Topics

Automation, Robotics, and Mechatronics –An Introduction to Monopropellant Powered Robotics (Download PDF)
The potential of a robotics summer course On Engineering Education (Download PDF)
The Limits and Potentials of Deep Learning for Robotics (PDF)
Robotics and Law: A Survey (Download PDF)
Agricultural Robotics (Download PDF)
AI, Robotics and Cyber: How Much will They Change Warfare?  (Download PPT)
Low-Cost Obstacle Avoidance Robot with Logic Gates and Gate Delay Calculations (Download PDF)
Smart Phone-Based Robot for Domestic purpose using Bluetooth (Download PDF)
Human-Centered Robotics: Designing Valuable Experiences for Social Robots (Download PDF)
Benchmarking Speech Understanding in Service Robotics (Download PDF)
Dynamic Structures for Evolving Tactics and Strategies in Team Robotics (PDF)
Robotics Navigation Using MPEG CDVS (Compact Descriptor for Visual Search) (Download PDF)
Novel light-driven micro-robotics (Download PDF)
Automated configuration of vision sensor systems for industrial robotics (Download PDF)
Key Elements Towards Automation and Robotics in Industrialised Building System (IBS)  (Download PDF)
Application of Swarm Robotics Systems to Marine Environmental Monitoring (PPT)
Blockchain Technology with Applications to Distributed Control and Cooperative Robotics  (Download PDF)
On the Combination of Gamification and Crowd Computation in Industrial Automation and Robotics Applications (Download PDF)
A Fog Robotics Approach to Deep Robot Learning: Application to Object Recognition and Grasp Planning in Surface Decluttering (Download PDF)
Morphogenetic Robotics: An Emerging New Field in Developmental Robotics (Download PDF)
Evolutionary Robotics: Exploring New Horizons (Download PDF)
Evolutionary Modular Robotics: Survey and Analysis (Download PDF)
Engineering the Evolution of Self-Organising Behaviours in Swarm Robotics: A Case Study (Download PDF)
People’s Judgments of Human and Robot Behaviors (Download PDF)
A Robot to Provide Support in Stigmatizing patient-caregiver Relationships (Download PDF)
Fabrication and Analysis of Pneumatic Quadruped Robot (Download PDF)
Kinematic modeling of a serial robot using Matlab (Download PDF)
Remotely Teleoperating a Humanoid Robot to Perform Fine Motor Tasks with Virtual Reality (Download PDF)
A Pseudo-Derivative Method for Sliding Window Path Mapping in Robotics-Based Image Processing (PDF)
Using Narrative to Enable Longitudinal Human-Robot Interactions (Download PDF)
Robot Signaling its Intentions in Human-Robot Teaming (Download PDF)
Geocaching with a Beam: Shared Outdoor Activities through a Telepresence Robot with 360 Degree Viewing (Download PDF)
Graphically representing child-robot interaction proxemics (Download PDF)
Progression of stair climbing wheelchair of the microcontroller of Global Positioning System (GPS) To Explore The Autonomous Robot (Download PDF)
Preliminary system and hardware design for Quori, a low-cost, modular, socially interactive robot (Download PDF)
Effects of Capability and Context on Indirect Speech Act Use in Task-Based Human-Robot Dialogue (Download PDF)
Monitoring and Controlling of Fire Fighting Robot using IOT (Download PDF)
Companion Robots: the Hallucinatory Danger of Human-Robot Interactions (Download PDF)
A Nearest-Neighbor Approach to Recognizing Subjective Beliefs in Human-Robot Interaction (PDF)
Synthesis of the Decentralized Control System for Robot-Manipulator with Input Saturation (Download PDF)
Exercising with Baxter: Design and Evaluation of Assistive Social-Physical Human-Robot Interaction (Download PDF)
Analysis of Using Virtual Reality (VR) for Command and Control Applications of Multi-Robot Systems (Download PDF)
Evolving robot empathy towards humans with motor disabilities through artificial pain generation  (Download PDF)
Accelerometer Based Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot for Medical Assistance using Arduino Lilypad (PDF)