Light Robotics: Light-Driven Micro-Robotics Seminar Report

A paper published in 2016 discussing Light robotics. The abstract of the report states that in Chemistry light-based technologies can now overcome the diffraction barrier for imaging with a nanoscopic resolution by so-called super-resolution microscopy.

However, interactive investigations coupled with advanced imaging modalities at these small-scale domains gradually demand the development of a new generation of disruptive tools, not only for passively observing nanoscopic scales but also for actively reaching into and effectively handling constituents in this size domain. This intriguing mindset has recently led to the emergence of a novel research discipline that could potentially be able to offer the full packet needed for true “active nanoscopy” by the use of so-called light-driven micro-robotics or Light Robotics in short.

Light Robotics Seminar Report

Light Robotics is a new field of research. Light is an important research tool and it can now be used for fabricating, handling,  powering, and actuating micro-robotics functionalities. It would be a great seminar topic for Electronics ECE, Computer Engineers, and Instrumentation Engineers. Study the PDF papers to understand the concept and prepare the seminar report.