17 Best Seminar Topics on Robotics with Report (Download)

In the last decade, the robotics industry has created millions of additional jobs led by consumer electronics and the electric vehicle industry, and by 2020, robotics will be a $100 billion worth industry. The very next decade robotics will become vital components in several applications and robots paired with AI will be able to perform complex actions that are capable of learning from humans, driving the intelligent automation phenomenon. 
Seminar Topics on Robotics 2020
Therefore, on this page, we have enlisted some of the best seminar topics on robotics that depict the direction and the fields of application of such an important sector of future markets, and scientific research. The future of robotics lies in meeting the demands of today’s manufacturing environment, reducing human labor exponentially, where different industry-specific jobs like cutting, grinding, polishing, painting, spraying, and assembly are done by articulated robots. 
With the development in robotics over the past, the application of a robot is fundamental to the design of the automation system. R & D has become an integral part of machine design particularly in the field of robotics. The papers uploaded for the seminar topics on robotics discuss some interesting facts about robotics and its future in industrial applications. Today industrial robots and robotic systems are key components of automation. Select the best seminar topics for computer engineering and ECE based on robotics.
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Seminar Topics on Robotics

  1. Robotics in Indian Industry- Future Trends (PDF)
  2. The future of Robotics Technology (Download)
  3. Robotics as an Educational Tool (Download PDF)
  4. Machine Learning in Robotics (Download)
  5. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Its Impact on Society (Download PDF)
  6. Robotics & Automation Are Killing Jobs (Download)
  7. Towards Hybrid Intelligence for Robotics (Download PDF)
  8. Cloud Robotics (Download)
  9. Recent Trends in Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Download)
  10. Smart Phone-Based Robot for Domestic purpose using Bluetooth (Download)
  11. Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing of Key Areas Using Cloud Computing (Download)
  12. Multipurpose Robot for Agribusiness Utilizing Android Smartphone (PDF)
  13. Smart Wireless Autonomous Robot for Landmine Detection with Wireless Camera (PDF)
  14. Agricultural Robotics (Download PDF)
  15. Automation and Robotics in Industrialised Building System (IBS) (Download)
  16. Blockchain Technology with Applications to Distributed Control and Cooperative Robotics (Download)
  17. Research Advance in Swarm Robotics (Download)