IoT in Agriculture: Seminar Topics | IEEE Papers

Agricultural Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) is revolutionizing agriculture enabling the farmers with a wide range of techniques like precision and sustainable agriculture. IoT devices for agriculture help in collecting information about necessary environmental conditions such as soil moisture, atmospheric temperature, and humidity that are favorable for farming. IoT supports farmers to urge to connect their farm in real-time from anywhere and anytime in the world. 
iot in agriculture topics
The adaptation of Intelligent Smart Farming is day by day turning the face of agriculture production by not only enhancing it but also making it cost-effective and reducing wastage. Download PDF journals, IEEE papers and reports on the seminar topic IoT in Agriculture. The topics covers the role of Role of IoT in Smart Farming and intelligent system design for controlling and monitoring. 

IoT based Irrigation Systems: Seminar Topics

  1. Smart Irrigation System using Iot Approach (Download)
  2. Automation of Irrigation System Using IoT (PDF Journal)
  3. An Iot Based Smart Irrigation System (Journal)
  4. Smart Irrigation System using IOT (Download PDF)
  5. A Study on  Smart Irrigation System Using IoT for Surveillance of Crop-Field (PDF)
  6. Smart Irrigation System Based On Soil Moisture Using Internet of Things (PDF report)
  7. Intelligent Irrigation Management System (Download report)
  8. IoT Based Irrigation Remote Real-Time Monitoring And Controlling Systems (Download)

IoT based Soil Monitoring Systems: Seminar Topics

  1. IoT Based Automatic Soil Moisture Monitoring System using Raspberry PI (Download report)
  2. Remote Soil Moisture Monitor Using IoT (PDF)
  3. Smart System Monitoring on Soil Using the Internet Of Things (IoT) [Download Journal]
  4. Cloud Based Soil Moisture Measuring System Using IOT in Indian Agriculture (PDF)
  5. Crop Health Monitoring System using IoT (PDF)

Internet of Things in Agriculture: IEEE Topics

  1. Role of IoT in Agriculture for the Implementation of Smart Farming (Download IEEE journal)
  2. Security and Privacy in Smart Farming: Challenges and Opportunities (Download)
  3. Photovoltaic Agricultural Internet of Things Towards Realizing the Next Generation of Smart Farming (IEEE)
  4. Internet of Things Monitoring System of Modern Eco-Agriculture Based on Cloud Computing (PDF)
  5. An Intelligent IoT-Based System Design for Controlling and Monitoring Greenhouse Temperature (PDF)
  6. MDFC–ResNet: An Agricultural IoT System to Accurately Recognize Crop Diseases (IEEE paper)
  7. Internet-of-Things (IoT)-Based Smart Agriculture: Toward Making the Fields Talk (IEEE paper)
  8. An IoT-Based Traceability System for Greenhouse Seedling Crops (IEEE paper)
  9. A Multi-Modal Approach for Crop Health Mapping Using Low Altitude Remote Sensing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (Download IEEE paper)
  10. Security and Privacy for Green IoT-Based Agriculture: Review, Blockchain Solutions, and Challenges (IEEE Full text paper)