Latest Seminar Topics and Projects based on IoT

The Internet of Things in Health Care: Seminar Topics

  1. The Internet of Things in Health Care (Complete Thesis)
  2. Modern Application of Internet of Things in Healthcare System (PDF Journal)
  3. Internet of Things for Smart Healthcare: Technologies, Challenges, and Opportunities (IEEE paper)
  4. How the Internet of Things Is Revolutionizing Healthcare (Download PDF)
  5. Secured Smart Healthcare Monitoring System Based on IOT (PDF)
  6. A Smart Patient Health Monitoring System (project report)
  7. Patient Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things (Journal)
  8. Internet-of-Things and Smart Homes for Elderly Healthcare: An End-User Perspective (IEEE Paper)
  9. Development of Smart Healthcare Monitoring System in IoT Environment (May 2020, Journal )
  10. An IoT Based Smart Healthcare System Using Raspberry Pi (PDF)
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IoT seminar topics and projects

IoT based Parking System

  1. IoT based Smart Parking Management System (PDF Journal)
  2. IoT based Smart Parking System using ESP8266 NodeMCU (Project)
  3. Automatic Smart Parking System using Internet of Things (Download Full Report)

IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Management System: Seminar Reports

  1. Internet of Things for Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (Download PDF)
  2. IoT Based Smart Transportation Systems (PDF)
  3. Intelligent Traffic Information System Based on Integration of Internet of Things and Agent Technology (PDF)
  4. IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Information System with the integration of SCOOT Control and Secured Automotive Communication System (PDF)
  5. Research on the Intelligent Traffic Information System Based on the Internet of Things- Solving Parking Problems in Big Cities (PDF)
  6. Intelligent Traffic Management with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data (Download PDF)
  7. A prototype IoT based wireless sensor network for traffic information monitoring (Download report)
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Wireless Sensor System using IoT: Seminar Topics

  1. Wireless Sensor Network for the Internet of Things (PDF)
  2. Design Of Wireless Sensor Networks For IoT Application (Download PDF report)
  3. IoT-Based Wireless Sensors for Agriculture Monitoring (Download Report)
  4. An Energy Efficient and Secure IoT-Based WSN Framework: An Application to Smart Agriculture (PDF)
  5. Customized IoT enabled Wireless Sensing and Monitoring Platform for Smart Buildings (Download PDF)
  6. Wireless Sensor Networking in the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Era (PDF)
  7. Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things: Do We Need a Complete Integration? (Download PDF)
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Home Security System Using IoT Seminar Topics

  1. Home Security System Using IoT (Download Journal)
  2. IoT Home Security Model (Project)
  3. Home security system using the internet of things (Download PDF)
  4. Smart Home Security Solutions Based on the Internet Of Things (IoT) Using Wifi Interface (PDF)

IoT Based Biometrics: Seminar Topics

IoT Based Biometrics Implementation on Raspberry Pi (Download PDF)
Biometrics in the Internet of Things (IoT) Security (Download)
IoT based Biometric Access Control System (PDF)
Authentication and Authorization for Mobile IoT Devices Using Bio features: Recent Advances and Future Trends (PDF)
Fingerprint Based Biometric Authentication in IoT for Resolving Security Challenges (PDF)

IoT Seminar Topics

  1. Smart Bulb for IoT (PDF)
  2. Trends in smart lighting for the Internet of Things (PDF)
  3. Home Automation of Lights & Fans Using IoT (PDF)
  4. The Internet of Lights: An Open Reference Architecture and Implementation for Intelligent Solid State Lighting Systems (Full Report)
  5. IoT Based Multi-Room Music System (PDF Report)
  6. IoT for Vehicle Simulation System (Download)
  7. Simulation of the Internet of Things (Full-Text PDF)
  8. IoT-Based Resource Control for In-Vehicle Infotainment Services: Design and Experimentation (PDF)
  9. Internet of Things based Controlling of Appliances using GSM/GPRS Enabled Embedded Server for Remote Access (PDF)
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