Top 10 Latest Seminar Topics for ECE To Select in 2020

In 2019 we have seen many lists discussing the technology trends that will transform various fields. From among these forecasts, those related to new technological standards come first listed that they will revolutionize every industry. The present time is an age when digital transformation plays an important role. 
Technical Seminar Topics for ECE 2020
After evaluating various technologies, we conclude that these are the top 10 major technology trends that will be best suitable for technical seminar topics for ECE students in 2020. These seminar topics for ECE needs to be known and studied by Electronics and Communication Engineering students. The technical seminar topics described below will be the major game-changers that continue to shape the future of the present electronics technology in the age of digital transformation. 

Latest Technical Seminar Topics for ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) in 2020

5G Technology

The first technical seminar topic for ECE is 5G Networks. We have already been seeing the evolution of networks from 2G to 4G VoLTE. Within 10 years there has been a sharp growth in the data and processing speed. In this age of IoT, with more smart devices there is a need for faster and improvised processing speeds by more than 10 times. 5G technology will soon help to achieve this. Download Seminar Report/PPT

Machine Learning

The second technical seminar topic is Machine Learning. This topic is more advanced and complex. Since the last few decades, researchers are trying hard to make advances in Machine Learning technology and algorithm training to make more advanced Artificial Intelligence. With a vast amount of data collection, Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations will continue to achieve more scientific breakthroughs in the electronics and communication sector. Download Seminar Report/PPT

Autonomous Vehicles and Devices

The third technical seminar topic for ECE is Autonomous Vehicles and Devices. As of 2019, Vehicles are getting smarter day by day, as the embedded system and smart sensors are being primarily used in the automotive industry. Download Seminar Report/PPT


The fourth technical seminar topic is MiroLED also known as micro-LED, mLED or µLED. It is the latest self-emitting display technology similar to OLED. MicroLED has the potential to take on and outperform OLED, but it won’t fully displace OLED and LCD. Download Seminar Report/PPT

Flexible Electronics and Displays

The fifth technical ECE seminar topic is Flexible Electronics and Display. This is one of the hottest topics and the latest technology trends in the electronics industry. As the components and manufacturing processes of flexible electronics mature, the concept of flexible flat panel displays will eventually become a reality. Flexible displays offer tremendous advantages over conventional flat panel displays, like lightweight, durability, low power consumption, portability, etc. Download Seminar Report/PPT


The sixth technical seminar topic in ECE is Spintronics. This is one of the emerging technology in electronics that exploits the quantum propensity of the electrons to spin as well as making use of their charge state. The spin itself is manifested as a detectable weak magnetic energy state characterized as spin up or spin down. Conventional electronic devices rely on the transport of electrical charge carriers – electrons – in a semiconductor such as silicon. Now, however, device engineers and physicists have inevitably faced the looming presence of quantum mechanics and are trying to exploit the spin of the electron rather than its charge. Download Seminar Report/PPT

LiFi Wireless Technology

The seventh ECE seminar topic is LiFi Technology. Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity. It is based on the Visible Light Communications (VLC) system which runs wireless communications that travel at very high speeds. LiFi holds many keys to solving challenges faced by 5G. It will transform the wireless communication by reliably and securely transmitting at multiple gigabits than existing radio technology such as Wi-Fi or cellular. Download Seminar Report/PPT

Laser Communication

The eighth technical seminar topic for ECE is Laser Communication Technology. Laser communications offer a viable alternative to RF communications for inter-satellite links and other applications where high-performance links are a necessity. Advances in system architecture, data formatting, and component technology over the past three decades have made laser communications in space not only viable but also an attractive approach to inter-satellite link applications. Download Seminar Report/PPT

E-textiles (Smart Fabrics)

The ninth technical topic for ECE students is E-textile or smart fabric which is one of the emerging technologies in the electronic field. Rapidly-shrinking electronic components have been a key enabler of the current generation of wearable technologies. E-textiles are smart fabrics in which digital electronic components are embedded. It is also referred to as smart clothing, smart garments, electronic textile, and smart fabrics. It can be used for wireless communication, can transform its shape, and have the ability to conduct energy. Download Seminar Report/PPT

3D Holographic Projection

The tenth seminar topic is 3D holographic projection technology clearly has a big future ahead. Holographic projection is the new wave of technology that will change how we see things in the modern era. Three-dimensional holographic projection technology will have tremendous effects on all fields of life including business, education, science, art, and healthcare. Download Seminar Report/PPT

So, these are the top 10 technology trends that should be selected as Technical Seminar Topics for ECE branch students. We hope this list will help you with your seminar. We have also a huge list of more technical seminar topics. Check them out to get more seminar reports and interesting PPTs.

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